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Daldy and Deodar Lived

and worked in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour.

The William C Daldy was built in Scotland and steamed to Auckland in 1936.

Daldy really did save the Auckland Harbour Bridge in December 1958, when a nasty storm blew in and almost sank the barge balancing an as yet uninstalled section of the bridge. Daldy worked alongside the tugs Te Awhina and The Aucklander for 36 hours burning 40 tonnes of coal and did, indeed, save the bridge.

AKL Bridge.jpg
Daldy arriving in AKL 1936.jpg

Jan 31 1936, @NZ Herald

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Deodar did not arrive at the Waitemata Harbour until the 1960s to work for the police, but was always known as a very loud and rather slow craft. She was regarded as "a 1940s design built in 1960. Seaworthy but slow, she never really had the legs for the job". And yes, she was LOUD. That said, she did rescue a naval liberty boat that had been called to assist her.

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The Aucklander, Te Awhina, and the William C Daldy worked together to berth the Oriana in 1964.

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