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Book Reviews

Every child in New Zealand
should read these books.

Tessa Duder, 
Mentor to Douglas Walker,

New Zealand Society of Authors

Not much books can hold my attention for a long time this one held my attention for the hole time.

Reade Vegar, age 11*

I really like all the personality you have given all the boats … I can see them right in front of my eyes. I can easily imagine the Daldy series being on T.V and a series that lots of people watch and enjoy, because it’s kind of like a slice of real life…. Maybe boats really can talk? That’s something I really like…. I love it that I know where all the places are…. I think that deodar’s voice was the perfect age group for me.

I liked all of it and there is nothing I didn’t like… I think the story is good for little kids.

Megan Browne, 8 turning 9*

Samantha Vegar, age 11*

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 4.07.39 PM.png

*Ages in 2009, when first reading Daldy & Friend-Ships

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